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The kid in each of us yearns for more ease and joy in life!  

22011494_sWe all have a little kid inside us who remembers the joyful zest for life, and a sense of wonder and adventure. In today’s busy, stress-filled world, many adults have forgotten this as life became more serious and we cope with the effects of aging. Also, many children are stressed emotionally and academically.

Accessing untapped potential and making changes with ease is my expertise—playfully and practically with immediate noticeable results. Life becomes easy-peasy and more enjoyable when your body brain system is harmoniously balanced and aligned.

For people from 5 to 85, I offer a simple solution to diminish stress and live with more ease and joy.

Gently Draw Out Hidden Potential…at Your Perfect Pace

Students, parents and grand-parents each have an individual perfect pace for living, learning and moving. With high stress levels affecting us in various ways it’s becoming more difficult just keeping up with the details of day to day living. Relationships as well as peace of mind are often adversely affected. Whatever your age, a few ways I can help:PACE

Increase attention span and ability to focus—without tunnel vision
Learn new topics with curiosity and ease
Improve reading and retention including short and long term memory
Enhance balance and eye/hand coordination skills
Diminish mood swings and emotional distress

Brain Gym® is a playful, new way to experience living and learning with ease… 

“What the heck is Brain Gym?” is probably running through your mind right now. Brain Gym is a program of simple, enjoyable physical movements to enhance learning and performance while aligning your body brain system for more ease and joy in life. The movements create new neural pathways and faster communication between body brain circuitry replacing stress and struggle with confidence and enthusiasm.

Brain Gym is a natural playful process for diffusing emotional, physical and mental stress–allowing life and learning to be easier and more FUN for kids and adults!

I’ve been sharing Brain Gym with people of all ages for over 15 years and celebrating their amazing results. All you need is your body, brain and a little willingness to explore and experience something new and different that is truly transformational. Brain Gym is a Family Affair!

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Sheryl Allen, Licensed Brain Gym® Consultant and Chief Ease Officer

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